My toughts, my heart, my soul.. it all stops for a second.
Looks like everithing has changed.
Even I can’t see outside, I can feel it.
It’s almost morning.

Like a bird, that knows the Sun is about to come out.
Like the wind, that knows when to blow from the Sea.
Something calls me.
It’s time to go home.

What is happening?
It’s just so confusing feelings that I can not even…
It’s the bittersweat sunshine.
It’s morning, after all.

Good night.

12.742 long chain


No matter where I stand
Or where I sit,
When I close my eyes,
you are all I see.

And regardless the distance I walk,
Or the time I see pass,
The flame that was once lit,
Shall ever last.

Even thou I’m loyal to my present,
and don’t look back.
When I open my eyes,
My heart cries in despair.

So please forgive,
I have to confess.
I don’t see you,
And that chains me to the past.

C. G. P. A. S.