Com firmeza vou seguindo.

Que achei que a vida era tão fácil,
Descobri que não é bem assim.
E não foi alguém que me falou,
Foi vivendo que aprendi.
O valor de tudo que passou,
Dos momentos que eu não vi,
Dos beijos e abraços que não pude dar,
E das despedidas que eu perdi.
Eu estou aqui, seguindo com firmeza,
No caminho que eu escolhi.

Em memória de Manoel de Andrade Moreira, verdadeiro guerreiro, grande homem, e meu amado avô. Descanse em paz vô. 04/04/1930 – 24/03/2018.

Capt Plant

Magical Bond

Alone I may be wondering in this foreign lands,
Owning to my name only what I can carry with my hands.
But all the strengh and serenity in my possesion,
Come from the magical strings that bound us together.
Whereve I go, my loves,
You are with me, and I,
With you.

Capt Plant, honestly speaking.

Hoo Hoo Hoo

Hoo Hoo Hoo
We are the pirates who
sail the waters of existance,
Never ashore, always
No matter the distance,
I set my pace low,
following the sun
in a perfect flow.
Not making the question
but living the answer.
I abdicate to solve the
mistery unsolved.
For this vast quest,
is how I chose to roll,
in a ship made of flesh
guided by a soul.

– Capt G. Plant


War cry

With the light
Came a great burden,
That can either burn us alive
Or make us fly.

To master this untammed fire
Is our lifelong fight.
I may use whatever tools I can find,
But first, I must open my eyes.

For my daily battle,
I chant my war cry.
Thank you Lord, for my life;
Thank you, for my fight.