Overtime, opportunities are given to us all to pick and commit our time and mindfulness towards specific points in our lives.

Sometimes life itself doesn’t allow our interference in that decision making process. Most times it doesn’t. That is called passion.

Some other times, however, it’s up to us where to invest our energy, where and to whom we shall commit to. In those cases, let’s make a passionate decision.

-Sumatra thoughts


Hoo Hoo Hoo

Hoo Hoo Hoo
We are the pirates who
sail the waters of existance,
Never ashore, always
No matter the distance,
I set my pace low,
following the sun
in a perfect flow.
Not making the question
but living the answer.
I abdicate to solve the
mistery unsolved.
For this vast quest,
is how I chose to roll,
in a ship made of flesh
guided by a soul.

– Capt G. Plant